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Reference thermometer PRTD SPH-01 350 mm

The SPH-01 reference thermometer is a platinum resistance thermometer specially designed for typical laboratory applications, offering excellent stability due to the physically aged pure platinum resistance element with pure alumina insulation.


Applications: Laboratory thermometers in general.


Construction: The design of this practical and accurate thermometer allows the sensor coil to expand and contract in the internal cavity of the ceramic insulator. The result of this construction, avoids deformations in the platinum coil, providing excellent stability through the entire temperature range.

Technical specifications

- Nominal resistance: 100 Ohms at 0°C​

- Temperature range: -40°C to 420°C​

- Temperature coefficient: TC = 3,850 ppm/K​

- Extension Cord: tinned copper, 4 x 24 AWG silicone insulation​

- Protection tube: AISI 316 steel​

- Insulation resistance: > 4 G Ohms at room temperature > 1.5 G Ohms at 420°C
- Measurement current: 1 mA
- Immersion depth: 120mm to 250mm
- Self-heating: 0.070 K/mW
- Hysteresis: Max. Ro-drift 0.04% (according to ASTM E 644-02 point 16​​

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