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Automotive RTDs


Automotive RTDs

The Sensor Technology has a production line aimed at meeting the specific demands of our customers. Based on each need, we develop specific projects for each application, considering the most modern technologies and materials available on the market.

Our line of mounted sensors (VA) is capable of producing projects of low, medium and high complexity, always seeking the best production processes and optimizing the value added to the product, thus, we are able to offer the best cost-benefit ratio of the Marke. We are able to produce sensors mounted with the most diverse specifications, whether with or without a head and connections in general, using the most diverse types of encapsulations (Stainless, Ceramic, Teflon, Resins, etc.), as well as the most suitable type of connection for each project/application.

Our parts count on a strict quality control and after being produced, are submitted to the most diverse tests and operation simulations, in order to guarantee the highest efficiency and quality of our products.


Do you need a mounted sensor? We will help you, inform the basic features mentioned below and we will get in touch with you.


Sensor Type: (Ex: Pt100, Cu10, Ni120)

Temperature range: (Ex: 0°C to 150°C)

Connection type: (Ex: 2 / 3 or 4 wires)

Diameter / wire gauge:  (Ex: 24 AWG)

Wire insulation material: (Ex: Teflon 200°C)

Encapsulation material (sheath): (Ex: 316 Stainless Steel)

Sheath dimensions: (Ex: Ø6.35 x 50mm)

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