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EW- Thermal flow meter element
External winding platinum sensor/heater

Thermal flow meters measure fluid flow based on the concept of convective heat transfer. There are two main types of thermal flowmeters: Constant temperature differential flowmeter and constant current flowmeter.


Constant temperature differential flowmeter: sensor 1 measures the temperature of the gas. Sensor 2 is heated to a constant temperature, maintaining a fixed ΔT between the two sensors. Flow is measured as a function of energy required to maintain Sensor 2 temperature.

Constant current flow meter: sensor 1 measures the temperature of the gas. Sensor 2 is heated by a constant current. The flow through the heated sensor causes cooling. This flow is measured as a function of the temperature difference between the 2 sensors.

The EW thermal flow meter element is specifically designed for use in fluid flow instruments, providing repeatable and accurate measurement.

Applications: The same EW element can be used as a heater (thermal flow measurement principle) and a temperature sensor in flow measurement units that use the principle of constant temperature differential technology to measure the flow rate.

Construction: A platinum coil is wound around a high purity aluminum oxide ceramic core. The exterior is coated in glass to provide a mechanical and environmental seal. Shear-resistant bonding wires ensure a secure termination for extension wire, bonding pads, etc.


- Performance: Rugged design provides a consistent and reliable operation under harsh conditions over a wide operating range.

- Project on demand: sensor technology works with products on demand. We can manufacture a micro heater according to customer specifications, providing a suitable element designed specifically for the application.

- Dimensional flexibility: design and manufacturing flexibility allows external dimensions to be tailored to meet application requirements.

- Quality: The sensors are manufactured under strict process control, with customized process equipment, to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product.


Download Datasheet here

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