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Sensores para Estatores

Slot-type sensors are used to measure the temperature of large motors and generators.


These sensors are installed inside the generator or motor coils, as appropriate.


Its construction is based on a platinum wirewound on a fiberglass substrate, which is housed in a box made from the same material. This set is externally protected by a layer of epoxy resin.


The construction technology of the Slot sensor allows protection against measurement errors due to induced voltages, good resistance to electric shock and high dielectric insulation. These sensors are usually available in the most diverse sizes as they are generally manufactured according to the specifications of each user.



The main applications for our stator winding sensors are:


-Hydroelectric power generators

- Wind power generators

- Control systems of general purpose


We can offer sensors with geometry from a few millimeters to several meters in length. The design is flexible, we can provide different ohmic values, calibration points, cabling and tolerance classes.

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