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RTD Temperature Sensors

RTD Temperature Sensors

CWW (Ceramic Wire Wound technology)

Due to their design, the ceramic-type platinum sensors allow high durability, stability, and different temperature coefficients ( TC:3916ppm ) for spiraled wired. They also serve several applications, such as laboratory, process technology, and high value-added equipment.

The applications where highly accurate measurement is necessary should be built with this sensor type and 4 extension wires, however, the 3-wire construction is the most commonly found.

When a high accuracy measurement is necessary, the applications should be built with this sensor type, and with 4 extension wires, although the 3-wire construction is most commonly found.

It is like this: For applications requiring a high precision measurement, the sensor should be built with the CWW. Although the electric connection with 3 wires is most commonly found, that of 4 wires is the most precise one.

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